Missing my dad so much

I lost my dad last March and still to this day miss him so much. I can’t believe I won’t see him again. I loved him so much and he suffered terribly. I just don’t know how to move on I just can’t and I think people around expect that. I’ve always been strong but inside I’m not. He was my world and it’s so empty without him. Even though he was in ill health was still my rock. I just miss him so much and don’t know how I can help myself.

hi joey, I lost my dad too in December, and feel very much the same. the only thing ive realised so far is by keeping very busy and keeping my mind focused. quiet moments are the hardest, but sometimes needed too. But I find my mind wonders and I feel much worse when Im alone or not busy. im sure its not the greatest help, but its a start. Im clutching on to it.

Hi rachel
Thank you for your reply. I’m so sorry for your loss to. My dad had alzheiemers he was only 68 and was diagnosed at an early age of 55. Your right about being on your own. Work is good for me as it keeps me focused. I just can’t help reliving the last moments. They stopped all my dads food and fluids and was awful to see him like that. I know it’s been over a year for me but it still seems like yesterday. How are you coping. Do you have good family and friends you can talk to. Take care Rachel xx

fortunately I have my mum and sister who ive become much closer too, so we talk it out and help each other. like you, I feel very much stuck in the last few days of his life, like your dad, I know my dad suffered and his words/actions are haunting me, I find this the hardest and most stressful. Its comforting to know im not alone, because apart from family, I find friends don’t really understand unless they have had the same experience. its good to be on here just to read and reply. thanks for listening x