Missing my dad

Hi im new here
I lost my dad last year my head is all over i still have the images in my head as he was fighting its like a video in my head replaying causing me anxiety every day to the point im now house bound. How to i get myself together my dad was my support best friend he was everything

Hi Elizabeth, I am so sorry to learn that you are having such a difficult time. Like you, my dad was my best friend, and so I know how much we miss them.

You talk that you are now housebound - do you have any friends or family who can help you? Have you been to your GP? Have you been prescribed any medications? How about counselling, have you had any?

Please do get back to us and give us a bit more information about your current situation, and we here will try our best to help you get better.

Hiya thanks for the message yeah i have a partner who is supportive but with lock down think its hard for us both ive been on diazepam since i was 23 im now 48 so i wont trust them with meds as i struggle now to come off them. Imnso sorry for. Your lost :slightly_frowning_face:i have friends but they all have there own lives and do try and help when they can but again with lock down i cant really see them. I just feel stuck i would love counciling but dont know how to go around it without having to pay big money now im stuck with grief and anxiety :slightly_frowning_face:not having a great time. Thank you for reaching out

Hello, that is good you have friends and family, and that your partner helps, but it can be difficult for people to know what to do and how best to help, and that’s where counselling can help. Sue Ryder and Cruse both offer free bereavement counselling. Cruse do it over the phone, and Sue Ryder do it through video chat.

I notice that currently there are no appointments available for July, so I am unsure what is the best way you can add your name to the waiting list. Maybe @Priscilla or @Audrey will be able to give you some advice, they both work for Sue Ryder. In the meantime, you are more than welcome to keep posting on this board seeking support from other users who have suffered bereavement.

Aww thanks you have been a massive help really appreciate it :pray:who are prillia and audrey? Sorry only joined today socdont know who is who and what tocdo

@Priscilla is the Community Manager here. You can click on her name and then click on “Private Message”, to send her a private message, or you can send her an email at online.community@sueryder.org.

@Audrey works for the Community Team. You can contact her too.

To be honest, they will probably see this message tomorrow when they are back at work, and reply to you then on how you can get on the waiting list for Online Bereavement Counselling.

Thank you so much :pray:

Hi Elizabeth, You can get added to the waiting list for our online counselling service by emailing online.counselling@sueryder.org. There is more information about the service here: www.sueryder.org/counselling

Hi @Elizabethlomey

I just wanted to say how sorry I am and that I know exactly how you’re feeling. I lost my Dad in November and like you have been crippled with the intense anxiety and panic attacks following finding my Dad at home after a very sudden heart attack. That image haunts me everyday and having to keep on living without my amazing Dad kills me. I just wanted to say you’re not alone and many people on this site can relate and possibly give you methods of coping.

Much love to you x

Hiya thank you so much for your message and so sorry for what you have been threw and going threw :confused:its so hard isnt it? And struggling to with the anxiety i feel my life has stopped and a constant battle if that makes sense xx

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Hi thank you for your message so sorry you been and having a rubbish time too. I have pics up andndo speak to my dad too ive lost people in my life and even tho it was hard my dad has been a completely different lose i think that because we were so close. It must have been awful finding your dad when he had passed :confused:my dad went for a blood transfusion and was laughing and joking andn15 mins into it i had a call staying he was going to pass i watched him panic and he was all over the place i stayed with him in hospital all niggt and left at 7am when my mam got there and he passed at 7.25am i cant get his struggle out my head :pensive: