Missing my dad

Hello, I just felt the need to reach out today… today is my dad’s birthday and I can’t help but feel a little sad, I miss him so so much and I just wanted to feel not so alone today, thankyou for reading :heart: xx


Thinking of you today. We are all with you, your not alone.:heart:
Debbie X

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Thankyou @Debbie57 xxx

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Dear Lorraine

We are thinking of you too here at Sue Ryder, thank you for reaching out. Birthdays and special dates always bring so many memories.

With warmest wishes,


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Thankyou @Miche24 :heart: xxxx

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Sending you a big cuddle lorraine89 x

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@Lorraine89 thinking of you :heartpulse:

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Thankyou @Ward1979, how are things? Xxx

Thankyou @Annie1707 :heart: xxx