Missing my dad

I am having real difficulty loosing my dad 4 months ago he was 47 years old and my best friend. I cry myself to sleep most nights and get myself all worked up because I feel like I am for getting what he sounds like is this normal? I feel like I can’t cope anymore

Hi Stacey,

Welcome to the Sue Ryder Online Community. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve lost your dad and that you feel like you can’t cope. The emotions that you describe are very common aspects of grief. It’s important to be kind to yourself, and to find outlets for your emotions, as bottling things up can make it worse.

I’m glad you’ve been able to share a little in your post, many people do find that writing things down here is a good outlet for your emotions. While you wait for some more replies to your post, you may also want to read and reply to some conversations between others in similar situations, for example:

If there’s anything I can help with, or you have any questions about the site, just let me know.

Community Manager