Missing my dad

It’s been 6 months since my dad passed away and I still have problems coming to terms I will never see him again. I still can’t come to terms with his passing and how he passed away. I have returned to work to get some normality in my life but I’m just in a constant daze. I feel as though I’m in a different world to everyone else. I still have problems sleeping and trying to hold on to my job can be very difficult. My dad is on my mind constantly. I miss him so much and don’t think I will be happy ever again.

Dear Joey,

I lost my dad in January this year and am struggling every day… I also feel guilty and feel If I did things differently he would have been alive… I am 40 and he was 70… but I was child like with him… we were so close and he was very caring and humourous… he was a popular person that everyone was shocked and sad … even when he was in hospital he cared for me… but I was nt there with him almost for a month and could not see him or say a proper good bye as they buried him soon after I reached… i was the last person to know about his death and to see him last… I cant forgive myself and others…

Like you I am missing him every now and then… i dont know how to console you… however when it is too much I cime yo this forum and reading other persons going though even worst scenarios I calm myself down…

Hi again joey .completely utterly identify.I still cannot come to terms either.have been crying a lot again this past month.next week on Tuesday will be a year.since my girl passed.I feel still devastated. But very proud of my granddaughter my girls daughter Gabriella.she seems to deal with her grief better than ido.she is in fulltime work now.so obviously I spend long lonely hours on my own .thinking and yearning for my baby girl \adult.I haven’t been posting lately.I spend a lot of my time in my bedroom on this tablet.for any kind of distraction.any way.all my best to you and hugs.xxxannette.

Hi Annette. Many thanks for your reply. Grief is just so had to deal with. We both miss our loved ones so much. I found work had helped me a bit. It is something to focus on although I don’t stop thinking of my dad every minute. Have you made any plans for next Tuesday. It’s still so early days for you. Will be thinking of you Annette. Please keep in touch. Take care and hugs xxx

Hi Joey.

I lost my dad 5 months ago and can relate to how your feeling. I am struggling daily to cope, and cannot come to terms with the loss. I find myself thinking one day he will come back. Grief is such a strange thing and works differently for each person. For me, I have a constant aching pain in my heart. When I close my eyes, I see images of my dad, before his illness, during, and on the day he passed away and it plays on repeat. Memories are to painful. People tell me to hold on to them, and I do try, but they hurt so much. Pictures hurt. I have a three year old, and she doesn’t understand death, and she keeps asking to see her grandad. That cuts like being stabbed 100s of times. People tell me it gets easier, but I feel each day is that bit harder.