Missing my dad

Hi everyone, well its been a few weeks since ive posted, and life has been ok, but today is not ok, i miss my dad so so much, he passed in may from cancer, myself and my mum cared for him at home, its really hard to explain how i feel today, but i miss him so so much, it hurts my insides, i dont want a life wothout my dad :cry: . Im surrounded by love and people but its my dad i need. I know this will pass, but writing it down seems to some how release the pain?? Sending everyone love today whos feeling this pain :broken_heart:


Sorry to hear your loss. Do you journal? Writing it down in a book and then you can read it out loud to your dad? I’m sure he will hear you. I find it helps. xxx


Hey thanks for the reply, ill definitely try anything at this point…x

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