Missing my dad

When it is someones funeral . You tend to put a photo of your loved one on their coffin. So we did this when my dad passed away.
My mum hated the photo of my dad because it was too red.
So I asked her if I can have it and she said yes this was the day of my dads funeral .

So Last week mum went to the undertakers to ask where the photo of my dad was and the undertakes said why not ask one of your children to see that we have got the photo. so she did , she phoned my sister first and she said to mum that I have got the photo. After the phone call mum phoned me up and asked me and I said yes I have got the photo and she got angry saying why did you not think to ask and I just said I thought you knew . mum then said I am NOT psychic . So we left it at that.

Today me and my husband went to see mum and she was on one saying to my husband that I was naughty taking the photo without asking and my husband was trying to defend me and she got upset and angry. so mum was in the kitchen and me and my husband was in the living room for about an hour .
Then she came in the living room and got even more upset saying it is harder for her and I should of gotten over my dad by now .
So to keep the peace we left

I wish dad was here so we dont have to get upset all the time we see each other.
mum even said that she keeps praying to him (GOD) to take her.

I am emotional and physical drained tonight.
I came home and self harmed

i just want my dad

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Queenie2 I’m so sorry - what a horrible experience. I’m glad your husband supported you. Don’t focus on people who are negative. There are lots of good people out there, and it sounds like your husband is one of them :yellow_heart:.

Awwwww thanks Burgled.
Yes she is a negative person .
she always thinks of herself and wants to be center of attention


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