Missing my husband

It will be 2 years in August since my husband passed away of cancer and next month would have been his 47th birthday and the day we got married in July 2014 I feel so low I thought I was doing ok then today it just hit me again grief I miss him so much we were together for nearly 16 years we have two boys one nearly 12 one nearly 16 our eldest is struggling so much not going to school and won’t accept help he’s hurting so much the light off our life has gone and it’s like a great big part off us has gone it’s also nearly Father’s Day too we miss him so very much we do have some lovley memories off him he was lovley man and a fantastic dad too xxxx

Hi shanny223
You are further down the line than me I lost my husband on the 24th February 2016 he was 47 I have an 18 year old daughter whom I was very close with when he was alive but now we seem to have fractured a bit. I have no pearls of wisdom or magic wand to take away the pain I think that when we lose someone we love we lose a bit of ourselves to, coming to terms with it feels the hardest thing in the world to accomplish.Know one thing you are not alone keep expressing your thoughts and feelings on this site it may help or keep a journal sometimes we don’t feel we are moving forward but we are abeit slowly I continually ask my husband for healing to help me through I’m not religious but I sense him around and I suspect our love ones never really leave especially when we truly need them. xx

Hi Karen thanks for replying I think I am just having a bad week it must be so hard for you and your daughter me and my son arnt as close as we used to be he just shutting everyone out but I am here for him when he’s ready I also have a disabled son who has cerable palsy and epilepsy they have put him forward for brain surgery so it will keep us busy I think things get thrown at you in life to test you but you just get up and carry on I really hope you have support family and friend if you ever need a chat you know where I am my family are great but just don’t understand the hurt or the missing him as life is so different now but they are great family xxxx