Missing my Husband

Please help me to carry on and being so lonely, why am i so anxious everyday is this normal to feel this way**[quote=“Loobyloo2, post:1, topic:86750, full:true”]
Well it’s Saturday again the sun is shining and it’s going to be warm. But, what to do? I can go in the garden again and wear myself out or …
I just don’t know how I’m supposed to face another day without him. The longer it goes on the worse I feel. I know friends/family think I am doing well but they don’t see the inner agony/turmoil of it all. I want my husband back but know that will never happen. It’s just not fair. Sorry to be so negative.x



Im just as negative as you are to , im hoping things will get easier for us

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Hello, you’re in the early days of grief so feeling anxious and not knowing what to do is normal.

You’ve got this far so you will continue to go on, it’s not easy but ive found the passing of time has helped with the shock and disbelief & little by little you adjust to a new life, not the one we want but we have no choice.

Your coming up to the first year anniversary so you will feel like your emotions have put you right back again to the very early days which is again normal.

Are you going to make a plan for that particular day?

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I feel exactly the same :sleepy: people have stopped calling. Im trying to keep myself busy. I feel anxious all the time too.
I hate Saturdays, thats the day he passed away.
Everyone is busy getting on with their own lives. Im getting left behind with just my memories xx

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@MandyC15 Give it a couple of weeks, then you start calling them, put yourself out there. It’s hard at first, but I do it and we know how people worry about saying the wrong thing to us. Let them know that you’re up for meeting them and doing things, even if it’s just a front for a couple of hours. When you’re ready, of course. X


Thank you so much :heartbeat:

Everyone is in couples though…

People are just feeling sorry for me.
I always say Nick was my better half… he was so kind, patient, funny and everyone loved him.
Im ok… but theres a reason i prefer the dogs company!! Haha :smile:
People get on my nerves the best of times xx

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Yes my daughter is coming to spend the day with me

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