Missing my husbands more after an evening out.

I miss my husband so much after an evening out with friends. I feel guilty because my friends are doing their best to take me out and distract me. But I always enjoyed my husband’s company so much more than anyone else’s. In the past after a night out with friends I loved coming home, thinking how lucky I was to not only have to go out with friends who sometimes you don’t agree with. I would relay discussions to my husband and he would tell me not to take any notice and we would land up laughing together - I so miss his security and support. I came home tonight feeling so lonely and cried my eyes out. Maybe it’s easier not to go out.
This grief is so hard.


My wife died last month. I hadn’t been out socially for the last three years as i was her carer.
Yes you are right about partners being the best company. I was recently out with some friends and it was good to get away from the grief for a while. It reminded me that i have got a life and it wont always be about grief.
I did miss coming home to her, even when she was a bit huffy because i was a bit squiffy.
We were great together and i have 42 years of memories. We thought the roller coaster would never stop, but it has and i hate being a widower .


Hiya. I totally agree. I was out yesterday with some lovely friends who have been nothing short of amazing in support of me. I struggled a bit while we were in town but coming home on the bus ( let’s just say a tiny bit the worse for wear) was horrible and then getting back to a cold silent house. I must admit I broke the silence by having a little swear at Alan for putting me through this!! I’m OK again this morning but I’m aware that I need a social life and I can’t turn things down because I hate coming home. It’s a difficult one. And I’m only 10 weeks in. Does anyone have any tips to help with this I wonder? Cheers all. Have a decent day x


I think can relate even though I haven’t lost my partner, I’ve lost my dad. We lived together for quite some time and he was my best friend, so I actually preferred his company to others. It was always such a relief to come home after being out with my girlfriends and just relax and chat with him. It’s very lonely now. Sending love and hugs. :heart:

Arvia lost my wife 6 weeks ago pain is unbearable miss her but somehow we have to be brave in our grief take care

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