Missing my loved ones

Will it ever get any easier.

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Hello Caroline unfortunately I can’t answer your question because being that my loss was 14 months ago I still feel completely devastated myself. I don’t know how far along you are as you have not provided details but perhaps the answer lies in within yourself and to what degree you have accepted your loss. Myself well even though more of a year has past it still has a surreal quality about it and I haven’t really gotten used to being without my husband or adapted to being alone I go to work and go through the motions of living a life but in all honesty I hide away I hate it when I wake up in the mornings as that’s the only respite I get is being asleep and sometimes my dreams hurt aswell, maybe that’s my mind trying to make sense of it. Although I can’t bear to think about the past ( I know I would not be able to function if I did ) I also refuse to think about the future because that feels to overwhelming and so I am left with the present which is a relentless cycle of profound sadness enforced isolation and a deep longing which can never be filled. I contemplate suicide daily but I have a daughter so that is not an option I also realise that grief is like nothing else you have ever experienced my friend who lost her husband 12 years ago said it does get easier but I suspect you learn to manage your grief rather than overcome it. I don’t think we who lose people that we love are ever the same again it’s so traumatic how could we be all we can do is share our pain and strap ourselves in for the forseeable future until we are able to let go no easy feat I know. Anyway I hope you find the inner strength you need for this horrible experience and please know that you are not alone xx

Thankyou for taking your time to contact me.
I’m sorry to read about your loss
I can feel the pain.
It’s been 3 weeks now since loosing my grandad.
I’m just feeling so knumb
I was beginning to pick up a little and start to live and try to accept a little more
As recently as well my dad / nan / cousin have sadly left us too.
Now i feel completley back to square one.
I’m all mixed up and my head is all over the place i dry my self to sleep at night.
All to much at times.
I know I’m not alone
Good to share our feelings with ppl like our selves who are going threw this torrid timexx