Missing my mum at Christmas

Anyone else struggling with Christmas? I have three small children so Christmas has to happen but I feel incredibly sad that my mum isn’t here and I miss her so much and feel so lonely x

Hi Kaye1,

There are lots of us!
I lost my lovely, happy, fun mum to a brain hemorrhage in june and am dreaing Christmas but I have a 12 year old daughter who adored my mum (she lived with us) and I have to make the festive period fun for her.
There are a group of us who speak most days on sue ryder. We all lost our mums suddenly during the last y months and we have been such a comfort to each other. You can see our posts under the losing a parent category.
Feel free to have a chat, tell us what happened and how you are coping.
Cheryl x

Hi, my Mum passed away suddenly nearly 11 weeks ago from pneumonia and a massive heart attack in hospital.
As C1971 says there’s quite a few of us struggling. There’s a lovely group of people on here.
Xmas with Mum is almost unimaginable. We will get through it.

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