Missing my mum

I lost my mum in August- at first I felt odd as I was coping pretty well but now in the last few weeks it has become so so hard. It has made me look back at the end of my marriage and I feel like I grieving for that again.

Mum was always there, no matter what. I used to speak to her several times a day and the thought of not ever speaking to her again is so hard. I worry I will forgot how she used to sound.

I was an only child, no close family and am trying to be strong for my 2 children (21 and 14). I feel so tired and drained all of the time.

Wow a tough load to bear on your own. Have you sought any help from doctor regarding sleep and energy. You can’t be strong all the time. Do you have friends?

Hi Lisa,

I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum!

I lost my mum on the 16th September and I was the same as you. I felt as though I was coping well, in fact when asked how I was I kept telling people I was “ok, probably too ok to be honest.” Because that’s how I felt, I felt quite guilty because I wasn’t breaking down and I was busy arranging the funeral.

Now I’m 8 weeks in and I don’t know how I’m making it through each day. I honestly wake up every day and wonder how I will be able to go through another day feeling this way.
I feel like everyone seems to be carrying on ok and I am stood still, All the txts and offers of support from friends slowly stopped and I think people expect me to have moved on but it feels just a raw to me now than it did that first day!

I was very close to my mum too, I phoned her all the time, we went food if shopping together every weekend and now I catch myself forgetting and going to call her, it knocks the wind out of me when I remember.

So just know that you are not alone, at least one person knows how you are feeling and I am here to talk to you whenever you need x


I’ve got a Dr’s appointment on Monday. 2 very good friends but I worry about leaning on them too much.


Thank you! It really helps to know others are feeling the same. Some people just think that losing your mum is a natural occurrence but she was the one person there from the day you were born.

I’m constantly looking back, I want to live the best life for her but It’s just hard isn’t it


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We all have to do them proud in honour of the people they helped us to be. Also have to take the time support and help to be able to do that for ourselves and those who may depend on us.
Helps talking to people who know how you feel although you wouldn’t wish anyone to be in that position x

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