Missing my mum


So my mum initially had breast cancer and in the lymph nodes and she got the all clear. However a year later we had no idea her cancer had returned. She was complaining of a swollen stomach which led her to the hospital and within 10 days she was taken from us. This was December 2021 and I’m still not coping. My mum was my best friend . She was everything to my son who’s 11 and I also have a little sister who’s also only 12 and struggling. I have other siblings too but my little sister and son I just feel so bad for them even more. I was always with my mum. Every single day . On the phone. She was the only one I could truly talk to. It just feels like it’s getting worse. I still have people asking how my mum is because she was a popular and loving woman where I live and it kills me every time having to explain again and again… I honestly can’t cope knowing I won’t see her for the rest of my life. I’m 34. I guess I just needed to rant. I’m always the one who’s expected to be strong but I cry every night and when I’m alone. Thankyou.


Hello and never apologise when you are on the community because that’s why it’s here. You are strong, you proved that and crying is not giving in to anything, it’s the emotional turmoil that grief brings that says ‘cry now’ it’s the relief valve.
You don’t say if you, your sister and your son have had any counselling and when but it seems that it would help to visit the idea if not or have some more. Both Sue Ryder and Cruse offer free sessions and personal I think it would help you all and please don’t think you are not being brave asking for help, it’s very brave to say ‘I need help’. Cruse have special trained counsellors for children.
Please reach out again and get help. Oh and buy a bigger box of tissues. S xxx

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