Missing my mum

I lost my mum last September and not a day goes by without me getting upset about losing her. I’ve been left to deal with my dads grief too & feel I can’t grieve properly because I try to keep smiling for his sakes when all I want to do is break down and cry.

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Hello CazRees

Your not alone with those feelings
My husband died then 9 months later my mum died
I too found I couldn’t grieve for my mum
I had to put a brave face on to support my dad and sister like you

But please take some time out for you
If you need to cry go for a walk and cry you need time to release your emotions
Other wise you will become ill then you will be no help for your dad

Have you thought about writing in a journal
It helped me cope with life
All the things I really couldn’t say I wrote them down
My angry for loosing them both
But also when I had a good day I felt writing it down helped me share it with them

I do find when you have loved someone so much you are broken
A part of you died when they died
So now we all have good and bad days
Today was a bad day for me
So I have to pick myself up
And hope tomorrow is a better day

Did you or your dad have counselling
That could be something that may help you
If you see your Doctor they might be able to put you in the right direction

As I have said in a lot of my posts keep coming on this site
Just sharing your thoughts and feelings will help you cope with what life throws at you

Sending my love
Take care

Hi Scottie10

I’m so sorry for your loss.

I cry most mornings when I’m up early hours I’ve not slept properly since my mum has been gone. I find the hardest times when I’m down at the grave with my dad and I listen to him talk & more often than not he will make me so sad with what he says. He’s always saying he hopes it won’t be long till he’s with her again and time can’t come soon enough for him. I really don’t think he’s doing it on purpose but it’s having a traumatic effect on me watching his turmoil. It’s extremely hard losing one parent let alone my dad wanting to join my mum also.