Missing my Mum

Its been six weeks since my Mum passed away.
I’m finding i feel abit better when i go to work as long as no problems arise.
When i’m home i feel sad,its made worse as my Daughter isn’t contacting me often,she says that she will be there for me as my Mum was,but she isn’t.
I feel different about things in my Life since Mum has gone,i’m not interested in TV programs i once was,i would like to leave my job and just do nothing for awhile.
I’ve even thought about moving away to be nearer my Brother who has been dealing with everything regarding Mum.
Is my reaction to her passing a normal thing other people experience? I would like to know…


Hi, yes I would say that everything you’re feeling is entirely understandable after your loss. Everyone grieves in their own way and there is such a mix of emotions. When you’re busy it’s a distraction from your grief but then at quiet times you’re more vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed. I lost my Mum 4 months ago and still feel a cloud of sadness shadowing me. We just have to keep going and take the time to adapt. Some days will be better than others. I also think it’s easy to feel that people around you have forgotten about your loss. Maybe have an honest conversation with your daughter about how you feel, perhaps she is not sure how best to support you. Best wishes xx


Thank you for your thoughts.
Take care of yourself

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