Missing my mum

I’m 24. I have no grandparents as they all passed away. I have no dad.
My mum passed away last week. I was with her. I am just absolutely wrecked. What is the actual point.


I’m so sorry Chloe. It must be an incredibly lonely time for you. Do you have any friends you can turn to for support?

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I only have 2 haha. They’re not the best for support either x

I’m sorry for your loss. I don’t see Life as a journey where the point is to get to the end. I see it like a long musical and the thing is to get up and sing and dance before the show ends. My heart goes out to you.



What a lovely way to see life :hugs:

I am so sorry @Chloe99 . I know we are not in your exact shoes, but know that we are here and understand. I lost my mum 8 weeks ago and it’s so very painful, a chest pain that never leaves. I find that friends have no idea, they have their mums still. Sadly it’s a door you may have to go through alone, a painful experience, with support from groups like this. But, when your friends go through that door, maybe you can be on the other side full of love and the embrace you did not have yourself.
I hope you are taking care of you, water, basic food, a little sun / walk if you can.