Missing my Nan

It’s been 7 years since I lost her and it’s as if it’s only just impacting me now. I just wish she was here so I could tell her all the crazy things happening rn, tell her everything I’m accomplishing the fact I’m going to study in America, and that Liverpool finally won the league. I never like telling anyone this because I feel like it’s stupid the fact it’s been 7 years and I should be over it by now. She was my bestmate through the whole of my life with her and I was practically closer to her then anyone.

Hi, yes Liverpool did win the cup and you are off to America, well you may not have been able to tell your gran but you told me and that could be just as good. Our son follows Liverpool and I have had to put up with being told all about them, sorry. I appreciate you telling us about your life and your grief and I know just how much you miss your best friend. You can post anytime so not to feel alone and I would love to know what and where you are going to study. Take care and have a brilliant 2021

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Thank you :slight_smile: I am off to study sports and play football well ‘soccer’ in the university of Michigan. Never In a million years would she have expected me to be this wild and do something like this but she always told me to follow my dreams and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I hope you have an amazing 2021​:two_hearts:

Fantastic and yes follow your dreams. After this year doing something like you are doing shows that life will go on. Go for it and I can hear your gran wishing you all the very best and she will want to be with you. If you ever not sure what to do or where to go next, just think about her. Enjoy every minute of your life, she will always be part of you. I wish you all the luck in the world. Follow your dreams xx

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Dear Ad01
I am sorry that you lost your Nan. I flet hads to write to you when I saw your comment that it’s been 7 years and you should be over it. Well, I don’t know where that leaves me because I was 14 when I lost my beloved Nan and I am now 75 and I still think about her a lot and miss her a lot!! If it’s any help, time does soften the hurt a bit, gradually, as years go by but I always remember the wonderful times she and I spent together and how much we loved one another. I hope you will get to that stage too. xx

I must remember to check what I have said before I send it! The second sentence should have said ‘I felt I had to write to you…’
Apologies x