Missing my Nan

My Nan passed away suddenly on the 17th May whilst i was away on holiday.
She was the real matriarch of our family.
No only did she bring up her own children, her and my Grandad bought up all 4 for their grandchildren as well, when they should have been enjoying retirement.
I feel i have not been able to grieve for her as I still cannot believe she is gone.
I am taking one day at a time just feel like my heart has been ripped out

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Bless you Tabitha Your Nan sounds like a brilliant woman very caring and lovely You were so lucky to have her in your life Cherish that thought. Grief is process that none of us can avoid Have you got any friends or relatives you can talk to who will understand
You are not alone in your grief Everyone on here is going through a similar experience and are here to offer and receive support Be at peace

Hi @Tabitha_01 im so sorry for your loss of your Nan. Grandparents have a huge role to play for many of us and it sounds like she was like your second Mum.
I am grieving the loss of My Gran who passed 10 days ago. It was expected but never the less it is so hard. I feel grateful to have had such an amazing Gran who similar to you was like the family matriarch, she taught me so much but I feel deep pain at not seeing her in person again.
I want to be able to just have a chat and a hug. It’s so hard.

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I feel your pain I know how you feel it’s the hardest thing to deal with. My nan passed away on the 29th of June and it’s still so raw like how your feeling.