Missing My Parents

I lost my Mum on 29th November 2022 very suddenly and my Dad passed away on the 1st May 2023 from Alzheimers.

I’m struggling quite a bit but i know councelling doesnt work for me, this is from previous experience.

Some days i dont even get out of bed but its starting to affect my sleep patterns now as i cant sleep at night! I have no problem at all switching off during the day though?!

How have you coped with your losses? I’m desperate for ideas as i cant carry on not functioning on a daily basis.

I’m also on the verge of being made homeless as my Mums boyfriend is selling the house we all lived in, but thats another story!
I have so much to sort but have no energy for any of it.
Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

I too have had multiple losses close together. My dad last December then my partner unexpectedly 7 weeks later. My mum died 11 years ago

The only way I have coped is by getting through one day at a time and not thinking too far ahead.

I have always made myself get up, showered and dressed everyday. Even if this wasn’t until the afternoon in the early days. Keeping structure to the day I found helped me sleep better.

Grieving is exhausting and so is having lots to sort out. Try and just do or focus on sorting one thing at a time. And prioritise the most important stuff first

Hope that helps. Keep posting on here too. I found that helped

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Hi @Jayne1510 The loss of 2 parents in 6 months must be heartbreaking for you. Could it be possible that your previous experience of counselling didn’t work as you and the counsellor maybe didn’t ‘click’? Might it be worth exploring that again and hopefully finding a counsellor you feel more comfortable opening up to?
Like @Doughtyj says, small steps but also have a routine - set your alarm clock and maybe the evening before, write down a couple of jobs/tasks that you need to do the next day. Look at doing one thing at time (multitasking doesn’t always work when there is so much going on in our heads). Also, you will get some good advice on these forums so stick around - we’re all in the same boat pretty much and we try our best to move on to honour those that have died and to take those first few steps into our new lives. Best wishes.

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