Missing my partner

Feeling a bit lost today.


Dear @Kim71

Welcome to the Community. I am sorry you are feeling lost today. I would like to help you. If you wish to too, please could you share with me as to why you are feeling lost.

If you are not ready to share on here that is perfectly normal, you can do it in your own time. Please do not feel you are alone. We are all here for you.

Take care.


Hi Kim, I’m so sorry for your loss and welcome.
I am definitely with you I felt lost the last few days. My husband died just over 12 months ago. The last few days feel as if I have gone back to last year. I have been so emotional I can sleep, I cry at the least little thing, even sitting crying at work today, normally I can through the day until I get home.
I know I can’t carry on like this so just made a doctor’s appointment. We all need help at times
Talking to each other on this forum helps, you know what you are going through others are too and you are not alone. It has helped me alot.
Pepsi is right it is good to share.
Take care and sending love to you
Debbie X


Hi Debbie. My husband died 12 months ago the Sunday just gone. I felt weird all weekend. Also unsettled. I felt like that for days and feel I to am back at the beginning. I miss him so much and it feels like yesterday. Glad I’m not on my own with this x

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Hi Nel, yes it’s hard, I thought I was turning a corner, and bang back to the begining again. I don’t think I’ve quite recovered from covid back in March, just feel so tired all the time. I just want someone to hug me and say it’s going to be ok, but he’s not here.
I’ve just signed onto the self help resource Sue Ryder has just launched, I’m hoping it will help. X

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