missing my partner

Have never done this before , I am quite a private person . I lost my wife 3 months ago and am not coping very well emotionally , I miss her so much I really struggling to cope with the pain , reading other peoples comments let me know it is not just me , thank you for being so open it helps , we are all hurting in a way that people cannot understand but we all do , just trying to hold on and hope it gets a bit easier ,people are being kind but I struggle to explain how I feel . Will stop now , thanks for listening.


Hello, your still in the very early days & I remember how painful that was along with the shock & disbelief of why has this happened?

You are right all you can do is “Hold On” & know it will get better, you won’t always feel so absolutely dreadful, you will get days of that but also days where you can function along with days when you smile at the memories of your wife & the times you had together.

I believe loved ones have stepped into another room & when our time comes we too go to where they are & what a wonderful reunion that will be.


I believe our loved ones are with us.truly felt this earlier in the evening as i see a white feather appearing at different times .i felt comfort. I only list Robert 5 weeks ago and is still raw.i believe in faith and help from above.


I lost my darling hubby Paul suddenly on13th. He went out to wirk, had massive brain hemorrhage aand after 5hr op he was pronounced dead. I have never hurt so much in my life. Ive cried rivers of tears. He was 65 and due to retire next year


I am sorry for your loss i lost robert suddenly 5 weeks ago to a dvt.sometines the grief is overwhelming.i miss him so much in my life and plans for the future. I have blessings i know of jy family and thank God i am still working. Which will save me in tge coming weeks. Pray for you all


Jan…it hurts so much doesnt it. Im laying here in bed sobbing. I dont know if i can face the day. However, i have to try for my grown up children. Paul was their stepdad but they loved him, he was their dad for the 22years of our married life. He was a self employed gas engineer but ex 28yrs in RAF. We had a Twixmas break booked and cruise on 6th feb. He was 9months away from retiring…we’d plan to do so much together. I’m heartbroken, he was my world.
Hugs to you too Jan…i will think of your pain too xx


Susan Robert was also stepdad and step grandad to my wee grandaughrer who keeps phoning him.its just so so cute and heartbreaking.however i will put on my party dress and enjoy my day for them.they have their lives ahead of tgem and i wont be rememberd for the one who sat glum and crying…i will do that on my own.hope you get strenght and have as nice a day as u can lots of love

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I have the deepest worry im going to turn into another person. A jealous bitter horrible person complete opposite of who i am.just cant understand these feelings just now…


Totally agree my husband passed in his sleep less than 4 months
I feel he gave me strength today to get through it and i put on a mask on for my daughter and keep the day going
I keep saying my best friend soulmate is in my heart and still with me