Missing my son

I’d like some advice and support on how to cope with greaving for my baby boy, I lost my son last month at the age of 13 weeks my partner woke up and seen him laying in his cot and he wasn’t breathing, and when arrived at hospital he was sadly passed 9n arrival and my daughter who is 18 months has a heart condition and one lung and she’s had 3 open heart surgerys, I’m 23 years old and just looking for the right support from someone who’s been through the same as myself as I haven’t got any friends or anybody close who’s been through the same situation to talk to about it x

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I’m so sorry that you have lost your beautiful son. It’s a pain like no other.

I lost my son as a 30 year old adult so I’m not best placed to offer you any advice on your particular set of circumstances.

Can your GP recommend some help? Keep posting here as there are so many people that will know more than me about losing a baby.

Sending you warm hugs


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Thankyou for your reply, I’ve tried talking to the gp tried medication but no medication will get the pain away, I’ve read some heartbreaking stories on here, when my partner found our son Christopher when he got sent to hospital and got told he was passed on arrival was the most heartbreaking feeling I’ve ever experienced, and when he went for his autopsy they took my sons brain without telling me they were going to until afterwards so we’ve had his funeral last month and just taking everyday as it comes in baby steps but still struggling I feel comtable going to visit his grave everyday to put blue flowers or roses down for him, but I still feel down like I have no strength left in me.

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Hi Martina. I have also lost my to 4 year old boys. I can sort of imagine your feelings. I work for Cornwall Ambulance service and see bereavement most days . Am always here if you need a friend to shout at.