Missing my son

Walking my dogs today and saw a familiar lady, broke down and she was sweet but sed have i otther children, said yes another son and she sed thats a consolation, she meant well bit its not, he was unique and loved individually.

There’s a misconception that we will be ok because we have other children .

I do think our surviving children keep us going but it doesn’t stop the yearning for our lost child and never will .



Ive not walked from home yet, I’ve driven away for dog walks, its annoying my husband but I don’t want to see anyone. I just get told I need to be strong for my husband and son, I have no strength to be strong. Yes I was strong on my sons 18th but have now cried for 3 days solid. Unless they have been in this position they will never know our pain

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No they wont know our pain.
I cant drive away for dog walks as i have two newfoundlands and theyre giant.
Sometimes i see people and say im ok and others i break down.
U dont have to be strong for snyone but yourself, thats what im telling myself.
I talk to him on my dog walks and it helps me. I cry but i dont care.

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