Missing my wife so much

My wife died in July 2020 after a four year illness. I cannot describe the loss I feel without her in our home. She was my life and her passing has left me feeling devastated. I find it very hard to motivate myself and I am aware that the days are simply passing by and I know I should be taking hold of my life. She would never have wanted me to be so unhappy.

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My wife died on the 29 August, like you the days pass by in a blur. I’m sure, in time, you (and I) will be able to find a routine to life, but I think it is very early days at the moment

Hello Bert…I’m sorry for your loss. It’s hard when we lose that special person in our lives …I understand the devastation you feel . I lost my soulmate of 45 years in February and motivation and purpose had been very hard to find in those early days …I still struggle with these still…but like you ay about how your wife would not want you to be unhappy …I know my husband would want me to find a sense of purpose again …be kind to yourself

Thank you Bab1. I agree with what you say but perhaps after only 3 months I need more time. At the moment I find it difficult to see any kind of purpose. Each day becomes so similar though I suspect that is mostly my fault as I just can’t be bothered to reach out and embrace new experiences.

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Bert grief takes as long as it takes …dont be to hard on yourself …a favourite song of mine has always been one day at a time …with grieving it’s more like one moment at a time …I give myself permission to just be in the moment …you say it’s mostly your fault for not reaching out for new experiences but you are just three months on that road that none of us chose to be on …like I said in my last post be kind to yourself

Many thanks Bab1. You are right it is very soon and I certainly never chose this road. Let us see what some more time will bring.