Missing you so much

I’m missing Jim so much. Everyday is a battle with coping or not coping so far today its been not coping winning . Went out met up with friends but didn’t really feel I was there if that makes sense . People are taking but it’s not going in. Then I went up cemetery had a chat to Jim come home got my tea washed up now watching tele but It all seems so pointless I feel so alone be going bed in minute as I’m cold and just want today to end. See what tomorrow brings just living day to day I can’t look ahead it’s to frightening . I just feel like screaming tears are coming now been nearly 6 months but I feel no better. :cry:


Hi misprint it’s six months for me too and I feel the same everyone tries to help but ultimately we are on our own, it seems worse now maybe because reality is setting in and this is it, I just can’t think what I’m supposed to do now sending love and hugs xx


Hi misprint
I feel the sameIt’s been just over 8 months since I lost my sweetheart and I miss her every day. I hate coming home from work and spend my weekends in the pub as it’s the only way I can cope. I hate waking up every day :frowning:


Same with me 5months and feel just the same every day miss my husband so much. I can see him sitting in his chair his head on the pillow when go to bed and can’t see any end to the pain it makes me feel.
I wasn’t ready to let him go and it really hurts and we try so hard to always be strong and brave.


Hiya misprint it’s 14 month since my john passed it’s so hard lv annie x x

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Hi Misprint
It is just over 5 weeks since my wife suddenly passed away. The pain is raw and seems to be getting worse.
The house is so quite without her and l go through the same motions as you. I watch TV but nothing seems to register, l go to a cold bed it is so lonely. I seem to be always cold. In bed she was like a hot water bottle and l used to cuddle up to her to ‘pinch her warmth’ but now l have to keep warm myself. I also live from day to day.not planning or looking forward to anything.