Missing you

My partner passed after a 6 week diagnosis I don’t want to be here anymore


Aw … said same thing myself…
Its just so painful isn’t it ? It does get better … very slowly xx

My husband died after a 6 week diagnosis too. I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same.
Now 3 months on, although I’m still broken-hearted and miss him terribly. I think I am learning step by step to maybe go on. My husband wanted me to carry on and I told him I’d be ok. That’s what keeps me going, as hard as it is.
Somehow, someday I will live again, for him. He will always be with me in my heart, until I can be with him again.

Big hugs x

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Hi @Heartbroken27 - have you got some supportive people around you ?
It is so hard when there is no time to process all that is happening and then you are left with a gaping hole in your life. Just take each moment at a time, try get some rest and company and keep posting here as we also all feel your pain.
Sending a big hug and some strength xx

We are widow warriors you know ! To get through this … the hardest thing in my life anyway - that’s all can say really and i hope there’s light at end of the tunnel after all this … i have to believe that … after the rain comes the sun … xx

I found this postcard yesterday…

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Yes I like the sun and rain thoughts.
Tears like the rain
Sun comes out again
Like a smile gift