I don’t know what’s happening but for the past 2 day I have been in a bad way .it’s like a mist has came over me and I can’t get it to lift I can’t think of anything only sadness and wishing that my wife was here to help me or I could go to her .its 18 months this week and I just feel so alone without her .she fixed everything and I can fix nothing. I’m just going threw the motion’s of existing with no reason to be …I think I’m coming nere the end I can’t see the point in a life like this .I’m even going to quit my job as I can’t face it any more …there is no end to this grief and there never can be …

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Oh Fred
It is so tough
18 months is nothing
How can we recover from the loss of such a long partnership in 18/24/36 or how ever many months
Hang on in there
Phone Samaritans if you are really desperate - they will reach out to you
We’ve all experienced the mist, the desperation the aloneness
Take care, keep posting, we are all here for you
Feel us all with you in your pain
Sending hugs and love
You are NOT alone


Oh @Fred123, you sound so sad - understandably.

It’s part of the human condition, that our moods and feelings peak and trough, ebb and flow.
If we felt the same all the time, we’d be robots.

Is there something in particular that you are struggling to “fix” or is it more that you can’t muster up any enthusiasm to get to grips with things that need doing?

Have you thought about Grief Counselling ?- it may help to speak to a professional about how you are feeling?

Have you thought about consulting your GP for some help with how you are feeling?

For me, the main issue with giving up work is that it can be a form of diversional therapy - it gives us a reason to get up in the morning and put one foot in front of the other.
Depending on the type of work, it can also provide some social interaction as opposed to sitting at home, alone with many hours to fill.

Do you have family or friends?

I know only too well that it is NOT the same - nowhere near, but can you confide in any one of them about how you are feeling?

It’s hard Fred, but we’re all with you as every one of us bereaved folk has times when we feel just like you describe.