My wife passed 7weeks ago with this crippling evil disease
To watch each day her abilities taken away gradually 1 by 1
To just breathing via a machine destroyed me.
And now she’s gone it feels the knife has been plunged deeper into my heart.
I’m broken.


Such a terrible illness I feel for you. My son did not have MND. But he was born with moderate learning disability, mild cerebral palsy and later epilepsy. He was late walking , and was doing very well being independent . He started getting pains in hips and spine in April 2023, took him to walk in clinic they said muscular, went to try and get physio she said muscular and there was a 3Months waiting list.On the 25th of April the pain was so bad he could not get out of Bed. Got him to hospital ,they said secondary bone cancer could not find primary. He was bed ridden till he died on the 17th July 2023 aged 47 .After all he had been through,the first thing I did was get rid of his shoes as I could not look at them.So in a way I know what you have been though,and so do a lot of other people here . We just have to push for more research into these things , instead of government spending money on things like Bexit which they think is going to cost billions.Christopher was so brave ,I have got to be brave for him he said I don’t want people crying over me.

Thank you. Your story is heartbreaking
I know what you mean about the shoes.
But for me I’ve my wife’s clothes still in the drawers and wardrobe
I sometimes try and get her scent from them to get closer
Grief isn’t something it sounds that anyone can prepare for,
I keep reading it’s early days and yet think life will never be good again

Just try to be brave for her

Hi @Terry01
Im so sorry such a horrible journey.
I too spay my husbands aftershave so i csn still smell him and keep his teeshirt which they cut off him to do CPR it makes me feel closer to him somehow even although it has been 7months. It really does not seem to get easier.
Take care stay stong keep posting hopefully someone can help :pray: you get through these times.

Thank you lynne
You stay strong too

Hi @Terry01
Hope you manage some sleep tonight

Thank you
You too