Moderation and action

There appears to be an increase in moderation on the site including suspensions.
Even long standing members who have given support to many on this site who have fallen foul.
Can Admin give us an insight as to why they feel the need to moderate in such a way, given that they took a more relaxed approach before? The guidelines have been revised, perhaps we could have an explanation?
I have also noticed admin are now engaging very early when a member is reaching out for help, this for me is the role they should have always taken. Too many times members have had to become ‘experts’ which can create problems, experts we are not. We share the common bond of loss and our experience of how we are/have coped.


It’s up to admin to moderate, as they see fit. That’s how it works on all forums. Their decision is final.

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As there has been a change in their approach, as members we can ask for an explanation.

Hi @Stargazer, thank you for your feedback. We feel that it’s very important for users on the community to post freely and as a result, we don’t pre-moderate posts before they are published. This does mean that sometimes posts which upset, offend or which otherwise breach our terms and conditions and guidelines can appear and we have to moderate after the event. These were recently updated after a rise in unpleasant posts and continued disagreements between some members.

We do not disclose or discuss details of any moderation action taken, apart from with the member in question. We ask all users to agree to our T&Cs and guidelines when they sign up, and they are there to keep the whole community a safe and supportive space. Unfortunately, as tensions have risen more over recent months, we have had to start taking more of these moderation actions.

Our priority continues to be maintaining a welcoming and safe space for people who are struggling with grief and bereavement and every report that is made to us is fully investigated. We always strive to manage and moderate the community in a fair and balanced manner.

Best wishes
Sue Ryder Online Community Team