Moms gone

I cannot comprehend that 8 weeks ago mom went into hospital with a bad back and water retention, while there she was diagnosed with secondary cancer and had 2 weeks to live :cry:, we didn’t know she had the original cancer never mind secondary, we’d been having hospital appointments for years and it was never mentioned , she passed away at home with us kids and my 2 grown kids with her on the 28th March, 2 days before her birthday , I cant believe this is possible , how ? She was cremated a week ago , just can’t get it ! She had a bad back ! How on earth has this all happened ? I have no mom , her house keys are being handed in Monday, that’s it then , total finality ! I want to scream , , its just to much to take in

Dear Angiemac

I’m so glad you reached out to us here, and I’m sure you’ll find some key support coming from others suffering similar loss.
But this is about you, about you and your lovely Mum who clearly had a lot of health problems which you helped her cope with.

You’ve had so many shocks, cancer, secondary cancer, bad back, it is of course hard to take in. You and your family have my sincerest sympathies, Angiemac.

What you are feeling is normal, although it feels far from that - it’s deep grief and is unbearable. So I hope some of the kind people on here will offer you their own solutions and perhaps you can take some comfort there. Also the volunteers on here are always ready to help.

If you feel desperate and want to talk to someone professional straight away, then there is an organisation called Shout. Text Shout to 85258; it may take 5 minutes or so to get through, but it is free so hang on. We also have a Sue Ryder counselling service you can sign up for.

I hope this has been helpful. Just keep on letting us know how you are doing.

with my thoughts at this time,