More than 1 bereavement

Has anybody else had to deal with 3 bereavements in 3 months, my mother , mother in law and father in law. If so how did you do it. Cos I am not x

Hi Annie,
I lost my nanna in august and dad last week - it’s the worst thing.
I’m not sure how I’m suppose to feel or what I’m suppose to do but it just hurts.
Have you got other close family around you?

I lost my mum and her partner of 40 years who was our father figure within 3 weeks I feel lost and know how you must be feeling but I am trying to pull myself together because I know they would not want me to be depressed and miserable I can’t say it’s easy but I’m doing it for them it’s my birthday tomorrow first one since not looking forward to it but I am trying to do my best please keep your chin up it will get easier I feel better each day and it only happened in July/August

I lost my mom and son within 9 months of each other my mom passed in February and my son Daniel 9 months later in 2016 Dan was my only child. I miss him every day its been so hard

I lost THREE people within months of each other and my whole life went crashing down like a pack of cards as I dont have family!!! Two were 68 and one was 70!!!

I lost my partner, my cousin and a friend within 4 days of each other, it’s almost surreal, like a living a bad dream, as for dealing with it, you just do. You go through the motions of life each day just wondering how you’re going to cope, but you will, each day that passes you have somehow managed cope x

Sorry to hear what you are going through, I can’t imagine how your feeling. I have recently lost my Mum and my partners mum is very ill, it’s terminal. I am not coping at all at the moment. I wish you strength x

Life can seem so damn cruel sometimes!

I lost my Dad and Grandma within 5 months of each other. To be honest my Dad’s death overshadows everything and am still in disbelief over that. I loved my Gran dearly but she reached a great age and lived a good life so it made it that little bit easier - although I know for some this wouldn’t provide solace.

Sending love and hugs. Just try and take care of yourself as best you can. Sending love and hugs to everyone affected xxxxx