Morning are so bad

I wake with that knot in my stomach
The realisation each morning I do not have a purpose as I have had for near on 3 years looking after my wife
That I’m alone and she’s gone
Each morning I wake I wish I hadn’t
I say good morning to her but my voice is weak
I yearn for her to make me whole again


I also cared for my partner at home through her illness and ultimately end of life

I know exactly what you mean by not having a purpose anymore


Yup. It’s crushing.

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Hi, yes that feeling when you first wake and realise ,this is it now. Another day to get through, no hugs or kisses or conversation that only a couple “get” , you know the one that you don’t have to finish ,your partners knows exactly what you mean , And the knowing you aren’t that special person to anyone now . So devastating so heartbreaking and so sad . All xtake carex