Mornings & Evenings

Hello everyone

I hope you can help & give some advice about this.

Why are mornings in particular so hard to handle?

I can wake anywhere between 4am-5.30am, my heart starts racing almost immediately, thoughts come into my head of everything’s happened over the last 3-4wks.
It makes me shake, anxious, panicky & very tired. I can’t get out of bed that easily due to tiredness.
There are days where it’s not so bad & I wish I had more of them.
I have recently been taking medication from my Dr but it hasn’t kicked in properly yet.
By lunchtime it starts to subside, I can go to work for 2-3hrs & by the evening I don’t feel so bad.
Eating/lack of appetite has also become an issue, apart from my evening meal.

Having lost my dear Mother very recently & being her evening & overnight Carer, I now find myself completely on my own.
I lost my Father last year. I have two brothers but they have their own busy lives & families. I am on my own.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you for reading this.

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Clare, hello and I think so many of us have been in your shoes and it gets you down even more than the actual loss. The feeling of being on your own and trying to deal with the loss, it’s hard. I was in a position that sleep was poor and then tiredness from that just made the whole situation worse. I was having counselling and she suggested alternative therapies, I did and it sorted me out, I did try different ones and reiki was the right one for me but it may not be for everyone but think about looking at them because it was much better than the GP’s drugs for me. Once I start to sleep better the whole situation was easier to deal with and I could at less deal with things but the grief is still there. Just an idea. Take care S xxx

Many thanks Susie for your reply & advice.
I have been looking at different forms of relaxation treatment.
I will let you know when I find something.
Good to know that Reiki worked for you.
Take care xxx

Hi they are the most difficult times in general , then put a big loss on top of that and that’s why we struggle so much , I think it’s also because they are the two times in the day when we are most vulnerable due to low blood sugars and tiredness , I look after myself as much as possible and also self talk is good x

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