My dad passed away in June last year, I was his long term carer. Since then I’ve had family issues regarding the Will, debts to sort out and the decision that I have to sell my home of 47 years and downsize. I also have fibromyalgia so I’m in chronic pain. I miss having someone to talk to (& oddly enough argue with) .

My moods first thing in a morning are always so low, I wake up feeling incredibly low and alone, I force myself out of bed and things do pick up during the day. I thought I was doing well, adapting, until Xmas came along, or maybe it was putting the house on the market, does anyone else feel like that on waking and what do you do about it

Hi Heather. I’m sorry for your loss…you’ve lost your dad but also the person who you gave care to. Plus…you’ve had all these issues to deal with whilst grieving and adjusting to so many changes in your life.
Plus…the festive season when the whole world seems to be happy except you… no wonder that you’re feeling down, especially if you’re in physical pain also.
It helps so much to be able to talk things through with someone you trust. You can let go on this site if it helps…people here understand the feelings and perhaps it will help you also to get some practical pointers.
I know what you mean about mornings…that time when you’re rational self hasn’t kicked in yet and your mind is playing tricks.
It may help you to find a counselor to talk to…its good to talk, as the advertisement says.
All the best for small positive steps.

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