Mother passed away

My mum was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in july last year and she became very poorly but we were very surprised when she pulled thrand was doing good for about 3weeks then in and out of hospitals and sadly she passed away 2 days ago funeral is on Monday just heartbroken :broken_heart:


Hello, so sorry for your loss. I hope you can find some peace of mind by sharing your thoughts and grief with others here that are also grieving. My heart goes out to you.

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Im sorry for your loss. My mum passed away over 3 weeks ago. COPD took her from us. She was discharged xmas eve, we spent xmas day together, we had hospital bed and oxygen here at ours, boxing day she went back into hospital by ambulance and never came home again. Im crippled with grief, struggling to function, miss her so so much. It was her birthday 8th January then her funeral 12th, we have her ashes here with us now. I just feel like I’m dreaming and im gonna hear her voice again, see her sweet smile and hug her. But I know she had a wonderful xmas day with me and two children. I feel so empty


I am so sorry to hear of your loss! I can totally relate to this. I lost my mum on 02/01/2024 I still can’t believe it, the thought of her not coming back is a feeling I can’t explain, which I’m sure you can understand. X

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So sorry for your loss. This is a pain, ache and feeling I’ve never felt before. Im sure you feel the same. We knew any admission could be her last, that still didn’t prepare us when she passed. My emotions are mixed right now, sadness, anger and guilt. Xx

It all seems so brutal our endings … we just can’t make plans for how a loss develops.
My mother had COPD in and out of hospitals until one day what should have been a regular routine in 2020 it was like COPD never existed … they labelled mum covid ., put her on end of life care . They made no effort to help her … she was negative in 4 tests and put covid on her death cert ., had an autopsy …no covid by the pathologist … it’s so hard to lose a loved one but have the added struggle that they lied and just didn’t care … I have lost faith with everything. I say to myself go on holiday … I am alone so no matter where I go I have this bereavement with me … I feel for everybody’s loss no matter who how or why … we suffer the same albeit slight variations … it’s painful … you had the best Xmas day ever . If I could only ask for one it would be that one… x

Im so sorry for your loss x

Its horrible and the worst part was today laying her to rest and saying goodbye to her x