Mother's Day!

Hello all,
I would like to get your views on Mother’s Day cards.
Pete and I were not married but were planning to before he died very suddenly in November 2021, his Mum Dad and sister have always told me that they see me as family because they could see how happy and content we were.
His sister has invited me to go for lunch with his Mum and Dad on Mother’s day, I’ve only been out for a meal once since Pete passed away and I will go, the thing I am wondering is should I get his Mum a card or maybe flowers?
Pete was renowned for always buying beautiful cards for every occasion often going to many shops to find the right card and always something witty!
Should I carry on this tradition for him? Obviously his Mum is not my Mum or Mum in law but I know she always looked forward getting his cards.
It’s going to be another first for me as I’ve had Christmas, Valentines and next will be my Birthday which I’m dreading, I miss him so very much, in June I’ll have his 60th Birthday the day before Father’s day.
I am trying to be strong because I know he would want me to but its really hard without him. :cry:


Hi Muldool you should definitely go to lunch . You can get cards that say things like " your like a mother to me" or something similar on these lines and a bunch of flowers would be a nice jester. I know all these firsts are very hard and it’s something we have to get through in our own way hope you have a nice day whatever you decide to do. Xx

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I also wasn’t sure how to approach Mothers Day, Steve’s mum is my mother in law and I worried between upsetting her by doing something or upsetting her by not, I decided in the end to send her some flowers on Mother’s Day and signed it from myself and the children (she doesn’t live near me so won’t see her) I hope I did the right thing for her, but it feels right to me x

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