Mothers day

I am writing this post to say today’s been very difficult for me without my mum, but I’ve come through it and I’m sure that everyone else has to so a big shout out to all the incredibly brave people who are without their mums :heart:

You are so strong and should be so proud of yourselves!!!


Stargirl, I am so pleased and remember you are also a brave person. Bless you Sxx


I struggled on Sunday being the first Mothering Sunday without my darling mum, and again yesterday as it was the first birthday spent without her, my sister also recently died only had the funeral last Thursday so it’s been a really tuff week, things reflected of just a year ago never knowing this would all be as it is today , I am heart broken the mental and physical pains hurt so much, people repeatedly telling me that time heals I just want to be engulf in my own lonely little world ks77

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Hi Karen, I’m sorry to hear that your going through such an awful time, I know exactly how you feel I lost my little sister in 2020 and then two months later I lost my mum :cry:

It’s been so hard and still is to be honest, I miss them both so much :broken_heart:.

Here if you want to talk, stay strong xx

Thank you for your kind support I’ve been using the talking therapies site, but alth they have tried to offer help in my grief they didn’t really get where I was coming from so it’s a relief to be on here with others who will no doubt very sadly understand the merit of despair that death throes at us, I am just treading water at the moment ,trying so hard just to get out of bed I’m the mornings proves so difficult, but I have inherited my mums dogs and cats so I know that I must see to their needs before considering my own so nice to speak to you thank you karen77 x

I know its so hard without them, I haven’t tried the talking therapies site before might have to look into that. Grief can feel so lonely even if you do have people around you :disappointed:

Some days are harder than others, you know sometimes when I’m having a bad day I feel like I push those closest to me away and that’s the last thing I want to do.

Nice to speak to you too :blush:
Take care xx