Moving away, feeling anxious

My partner died suddenly at the end of November, and at the end of this month I’m going to be moving out of the house we lived in together.

Apart from the stress of packing and organising - with the emotional strain of deciding what to do with the rest of his things - I’m feeling a lot of anxiety about leaving this place behind.

He lived here before we met and I lived here with him for a year. It holds so many memories, good and bad.

It’ll be good to get a fresh start, but also incredibly sad to be saying goodbye to another part of him. I’m still very reluctant to let him go, in any way.

It feels overwhelming. Every time I pack a few little bits I get upset and panicky. I think I’m going to ask some friends to come and keep me company while I’m doing some of it, just for moral support.

This is such a hard, horrible journey. I’m so tired of being strong.


Good luck with everything and take care x

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I am so sorry for your loss And you now have to move house Which a very demanding experience in itself I hope all goes well

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