Moving 'home' after bereavement

I am interested to hear the experience of anyone who has moved back to their home country/city/town/village after bereavement.
I don’t want to specifically hear about your own bereavement (sorry) as I’ve had enough of thinking about my own and can see all the conversations on here anyway.

I moved away from my birthplace 33 years ago.
I returned recently (without telling family and friends there) to view property with a view to moving back.
It was a surreal experience to walk around streets that are etched deep in my psyche, which are the same streets, but have changed significantly since those days back in the early 90s.
Then I thought that perhaps the thing had changed the most of all was me.
I’m interested in hearing from others in this scenario, if anyone can relate to this.
If you did move back, how did it go ? Did you stay ? Are you happy ? What made it work or not. Did you feel relieved to leave the property you lived in with your spouse or did you regret it ? Why.

Thank you.

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Hi @Tom-Tom ,
It’s a curious subject, places change so much, the place we knew is in that way not the place we come back to because places change so much, places closed down, or reopen as a Costa coffee or Nero, or what used to be a bank has closed & reopened as an Italian restaurant, they’ve knocked down the garage on the corner & turned it into student flats, built a new supermarket, places change.
:thinking:Hmmm… I have 2 thoughts on this, 1) how much can a place change, & in essence, remain the same, like, why do we continue to call a place by the same name when it has changed so much just because it’s in the same location? & 2) it depends how you feel about the life you had there, do you have happy memories of the people you love, it’s the people that make a house a home.

It is indeed a question that’s very old : Ship of Theseus - Wikipedia
Also known in the UK as “Triggers broom”

:joy: Trigger’s broom :broom: