Moving house

Have just moved house which hasn’t been easy. Apart from the exhaustion of the physical move, it has been in some ways a reliving of packing up my darlings things and now unpacking a lifetime of memories. Surrounded by boxes galore…and more in storage! Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!
Still, it’s early days and the plan is to enjoy renovating a house and finding something to enjoy in a new place…don’t know what yet. Can’t think past the boxes and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Still…it goes to show that we can be strong in the midst of anxiety. We can be positive in the midst of despair. And the sun will rise tomorrow. Keep going folks. Xx

Thank you for sharing this with us, Annette99. Moving is always such a significant and often overwhelming change. Take things slow and enjoy settling in and renovating your new home.

How’s the unpacking going? Are you managing to find a way forward?
I almost put our house up for sale back in December, which I realised was a knee-jerk reaction for me. I was simply trying to escape. I do always have ‘itchy feet’ to move. I love surfing the houses for sale and my husband had started to fancy a new adventure in the form of a move and renovation of a house we loved before he died. I still drive by there and sigh. Someone offered more than we, and as it turned out he became gravely I’ll only a few weeks later. I would have still bought it after he died if it was available because I know how excited he was. I still think I’ll move eventually but the actually stress and the amount of work involved puts me off more than anything. We bought this house 20+ years ago and the stuff you accumulate!
Anyway, well done for managing! I hope you are enjoying your new home.

Hi Belladoo. Mixed emotions…I am surrounded by boxes and it’s going to be a krpton puzzle finding a place for everything but there is a sense of achievement…it’s strange waking up in a new house with no memories attached in the walls. I guess it will get more comfortable with time. Time seems to help in this grieving process but it is odd not having that one person who shared so much of your life. One of the grief books I’ve read said that in the loss you’ve suffered you have lost half of yourself…the thing is that you need to replace that hole with yourself…by becoming stronger, more confident, able…I’m working on it!
Yes I can totally understand why people multi-move after a bereavement. A change can be a good thing but it needs to be for the right reason…running from the scene doesn’t stop the pain returning.
Have no kitchen yet …five days on takeaways and counting. Just like the celebs on TV… without the fame!
Have a peaceful night. Xxx

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Hi Annette99

I moved house a year after losing my Mum who I lived with. It was the best thing I could have done, new house, new area, new experience. There was and is still so much to do sorting things out that it helps take my mind off everything. I remember the exhaustion, the chaos at first. I had virtually no furniture as much had been disposed of as too old, damaged or big to keep. I slept on a blow up bed for months and ate meals in the garden as I only had an outdoor table and chairs. They were a mad few months but strangely enjoyable. Although nothing can ever be the same again I have a sense of contentment now.

A relative said to me at the time of moving not to be sad as houses are just things, we take our memories with us. She was right although I didn’t think so at first.

Good luck with the unpacking!

Hi Mel. Good to hear that your move has been a positive step for you. I am looking forward to renovating the house and have something to get up for each morning and feeling good about it. It’s a balancing act with heart and brain and memories and grief and knowledge that life is going on so in order not to feel hopeless and helpless you actually need to forge a life somehow. Not the easiest of tasks is it but try we must… for ourselves and those who care about us and for the memory of our dearly departed.
I smiled at your description of life in chaos after the move… that’s me right now!
Keep unpacking those boxes and I will do the same!
Lost In Boxes Annette xx

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