Moving on ........... about time!

My wife and love of my life passed away at Thorpe Hall in 2012.
I am still in the grips of depression and have done all the normal things most people do after losing a partner.
Raised money in her memory, had counselling, 3 different antidepressants, agoraphobia, no sleep, too much sleep, no energy, cried so many tears they now feel like acid etc etc.
From being a very cheerful outgoing person, I have become introverted, questioned my own existence on many occasions and generally a sad act.

I have now come to the realisation that I MUST change NOW before it gets any worse. So this week I put up our family home for sale. It has served it’s purpose and all the children have now gone. (Get out of my comfort zone)
My finger is hovering over the reboot button and it’s time to move forward and stop feeling the way I do.
My wife would be so mad with me over how I have dealt with her passing, so in her memory I have promised myself to make something from the rest of my life.
Watch this space…


Evening Brian. Thanks for visiting the community and for sharing your story. No one can really be prepared for a loved one dying - even if you’ve been told it’s coming and you go somewhere like Thorpe Hall.

There’s certainly no right or wrong way to handle it, and people will deal with grief in different ways. It sounds like you were taking the right steps by seeking help. I wonder if others who have posted to the community have thought, “I wonder what my wife/husband/loved one would think if they could see me know?”.

I’m sure they’d want to see you moving forward - and whilst that can obviously seem hard, it doesn’t mean you have to ever forget them.

It sounds like you’re taking some exciting (is that the right word?!) steps, Brian, and it all sounds positive and like it’ll help. Will you keep us updated with how you get on?

Hi Brian
Life has been very tough for you but I admire your decision to move forward. Sometimes will feel like 3 steps forward and 2 back…but all is progress.


Thanks for the reply Joe.
Although I have had massive support from everyone, I think the big message is, your grief is your own and differs from person to person, only you can tell when you HAVE to move forward.
I simply have to re join the human race.


Good for you Brian and we’ll done for making such s brave decision. Don’t beat yourself up for allowing yourself to grieve. It’s the normal process. I’m sure you wife would be very proud of you.


Hi Brian, I think I am probably in the same place at the moment. I also have put the family home on sale after losing my husband two years ago. A very tough two years but now the house has been sold and I am now moving nearer my family and don’t have any regrets about my decision.


All the very best to you Anna.
And “No regrets” is our family motto.

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