Moving on to forget death

Many people are telling me not to make any quick plans regarding moving house. Yet, every time I walk across the landing, my mind replays how Andrew died, how he rocked backwards and forwards while taking his last breath. It is a truly terrible image to have to live with.

Hence my wish to move away, not sure where, as soon as possible, although probate will likely take several months.

Does anyone else feel this way?

A few years ago we transferred house into our children’s names and I said then I didn’t think I could live here myself.

Now that hubby has passed I don’t think I’m ready mentally or physically to leave.

Possibly when I’m no longer able , I will have to but just not yet.

G. X

Hi there SSTC22
Please don’t make any quick decisions while you are still so traumatised. These thoughts won’t just leave you but more than likely follow you.
I had wanted to move house for years but this was my husbands home town and he was reluctant throughout our marriage of 30 years. When he died I thought I could up and go at last but to my surprise I found myself drawing comfort from the things that were familier around me.
My husband also died in this house and I hated it even more but I replaced furniture, curtains and decorated and this did help me.
Do give yourself time because I doubt we can run away from grief

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