Mrs pinnock

Its been 18months since my husband passed.About 2 months ago i went back to the beggining and finding it hard to cope again.I am having panuc attacks which i thought had gone.Has this happened to anyone.

Hi Brennan, I don’t think their is a right wrong thing in grief, i have certainly been through a roller coaster in my journey since my husband died, you are going along quite nicely then something happens which tips you back to where you started, the only good thing is that it doesn’t seem to take as long to come out the other end, I think it’s all part of the grieving process, you just have to with it, and be kind to yourself , love Jude xx

Thank you for reply.I am just so tired of feeling sad never happy as i used to be.

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Sorry your your loss. I’m 13 months down the line yes I have been having really bad weeks bad days really outweighing the ok days. I did have panic attacks for the first months I hope they don’t return. Counselling had stated a lot of us feel worst and go back to square one after the 12 months. Take care x

Dear Brennan,

It is nearly seven years since my husband of 47 years died and I can honestly say I have not been happy at all since he died. I have days when I laugh at a comedy film, smile when I look at our photos but I have not been what you can call happy, I don’t look forward to anything, most things are a chore, I make a list of jobs to be done and tick them off when done because they would never get done otherwise. I think I lack enthusiasm for everything apart from eating which I do a lot of, especially cream cakes and chocolates, but I am at the moment trying to get weight off as I am starting to ache when I walk.

I think this last year has thrown a spanner in the works, before the pandemic I was going out and about on trips with the groups I joined and that was something to get dressed up for and meet

Life has never been and never will be the same since Peter died, my whole future went down the drain when he died.


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