Need to talk

Are you ok x

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Just say what you want to,good to write it down,lot of us here know how it feels to lose your husband.Not many words to describe it,just tell it how it is. xx

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Good to know others understand

Hi. Monica. It’s very difficult for some folk to write what they feel’ We are not writers, so to some words do not come easily. Especially at this time. But rest assured, you can really unload on this site and with no judgement or criticism.
We all are in same boat and would rather not be here, but the fact that we are here is a Godsend.
If you want understanding and compassion you have come to the right place. Blessings.

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Lovely of you to reply ,Johnathan . Please tell me about things and how you are doing .It is a good way to forget your own sadness .I do have a lot to be thankful for .

Like everyone else here and as YL says, it’s a club we would rather not join. But we are here together and need to help one another as best we can. I lost my wife last November after six months of illness then dementia. Fortunately the dementia did not last that long before she went. We were married for 60 odd years. But time is immaterial if you love someone. One year or sixty, makes little difference to the pain. As robina says, just unload. I am coping, just. I am on my own with no immediate family. And it’s’ the silence in the house that gets to me. I do drive so I can get out, but even that can be painful when I go to places we went to together.
I do realise that grief is a process. There is hope, and that light, however dim at the moment, does get brighter. Take care and please don’t bottle up emotions. Come on here and talk. This site has been a Godsend to me, and when I was feeling bad at first so many talked to me. It’s sad that adversity has to happen to bring us together. But here we are, and we need to send love and blessings to all.

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I am off to s house group soon which I enjoy and then to meet a friend also bereaved I do not know about your faith but I was reading about there is a time for everything in our life and things change after a season . How long since your wife died ?

I find it helpful to look around and see that others before me are moving on have a new life . I think this site say it as it is rather than pretending you are alright

God Bless . M H K

To robina

Just come home and feel tight in tummy and sick . People have been talking about difficult things. It is lovely day but difficult . I am still dealing with shock and it is up and down .


Hi Monica267, So sorry for your loss and the pain you are experiencing. My loss was different (my precious younger sister to cancer) but, nevertheless, the process is similar. I have been visiting the SR Site for about a year. I found more compassion and caring here than in my every day life, and that is what keeps me coming back. Grief attacks every part of our being, Mental, Spiritual & Physical, and weakens our immune system. I also suffer with stomach upset, lack of sleep and general malaise. If it continues, however, it might be necessary to consult your doctor.
You came to the right place. Every one here is grieving the loss of a loved one. We support each other, and it helps to know you are not alone. Please share more when you can. Someone is always here to listen, day or night. Take care of yourself at this difficult time. Sister2