Msg in remembrance book

Struggling a bit
Thought it was a good idea to write something to be put into the e re membrane book for my dad
I know it’s stupid I barely knew him
My brother said earlier what you would you put in it
Start of year bad mum in law died cancer
Sh Ed got wrongly diagnosed then became quiet ill
Got massive op which she was probably to old for
But cancer had progressed if she didn’t get op she only had few wks
Anyway she picked up fir bit
Then taken a dip got worse over Christmas
She died in feb we were with her
So strange passing her house she not there or not see her in town
Desperately wanted find my dad
That’s another story fir another day
Anyway finding search find him but got call family he died
I was devastated
Always thought there was hope
Hurts so much then Covid made everything worse
Eventually we manage fly out to him house see where he lived clear out his house
As we were next of kin
I cant beleive I never see him again
Everyone let him down including the system
Including me
Anyway remembrance. Book
Just thought my only chance have a wee insertion in the page for my dad
His anniversary feb next year
Don’t know if right or wrong thinking to do
Cruise counselling was good but you don’t get many sessions
Just feel so alone at times cant really talk to family about my dad
Only my daughter sometimes
Now found out postal order I sent cost a lot went missing
They advise contact post office where it was sent recorded delivery
But post office won’t take any responsibility
They said when it leaves them got nothing to do with them take up with Royal Mail
Dreading Christmas
Everything change so much and no don’t want go into to all now
But I’m gratefulthankfull
I still have daughter son which I’m carer to both
Sorry for going on and on

go on some more if you like. I know what you mean when something just finishes you off. instead of the post office though my dear cat is ill and had diarrhoea through the whole house today.

what is the e rememberance book?

Why do you think you let him down? I have similar thoughts a lot myself but when feeling more rational I think they knew we loved them and we did what we could at the time. Take care and hope to hear more from you. until then I better go clear some more poo up.