Mum and now

Mum passed end of january, younger brother was her carer and lived with her.
He was taken in for covid 2 days before she passed and is now in a coma.

He was so looking forward to the rest of his
life after all the 24/7 care for years and now his chances are slim to none.

Mind you he bills keep hitting the mat for him to pay rent,council tax,carers etc.

I,m currently a wreck. Condolences to all who have lost a love one

Ah thanks a lot but they say be positive but prepare for the worst.

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No words I have can comfort you at the moment @rafthorney. My dad died on the 5th of Jan this year he to had covid, I was taken in 5 days later with covid Pneumonia I know how scary this all is.

My heart goes out to you

I cry everyday for my dad he was taken to soon, I am praying your brother will be ok

You’re very kind mumma,my condolences to you and family, take one day at a time like me.

My family need me as well just like yours will.

I hope that you’re brother recovers.

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just lost my younger brother to covid,i,m just in shock now. mother and brother in a month

Just lost brother as well,i,m devastated

Omg @rafthorney my heart goes out to you

I’m so so sorry


thanks i need hugs,lets hope lock down ends soon.
I don’t know to live just now

If I could give you a hug I would, bless your heart i really really feel for you, I know the pain you feel and no words will comfort you

Please cry and let it out

Message me if you need to talk


Have you got someone with you


luckily a wife and 3 grown up daughters living at home but i still feel alone.

how are you doing? and i may take you up on the hug!

He did,nt make it Paula

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Oh bless you go and have a big hug,

I’m sending you a virtual one


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Grief is a very lonely please, I have a wonderful family and so supportive but have still felt alone

I’m ok thankyou, today is a better day, most night i spend crying


i now exactly how you feel,message me anytime