Mum booked me a Spirit Reading, im skeptical.

I lost my dad suddenly in March. My mum and dad divorced when I was 9. She still lives in the house they lived in together. She keeps telling me she senses my dad in the house, and keeps seeing things in the corner of her eye. While I’d love to believe her, I always try to de-bunk what it is she is “sensing”.

A friend of ours recently had a reading and was raving about it so my mum has booked a reading for us.
I’m not completely closed off to believing- I’d like to believe, but it will take something big to convince me.

Has anyone else tried this? How did you feel it went? And most of all, how did it make you feel? Did it help with the grieving process?

Thanks x

Hi Alliecal. Try not to be critical but keep an open mind. If you read some of the posts on the thread ‘PSYCHIC PHENOMENA’ you may be surprised at the strange things that happen. If you mum is seeing things out of the corner of her eye and senses your dad around whose to say it’s not true? Try not to debunk her because disbelief and fear can disrupt any communication. But if it gives her comfort then fine. No one has to believe, and I was as cynical as the next person until I looked deeply into it.
Make sure the medium you go to is genuine. They usually are recommended. Many have the gift of insight into things many of us are not aware of. Give it a go and see what happens. You may be surprised. Come back and tell us how it went. Take care, Very best wishes, John.

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Hi John,
I’ll definitely go in to it with an open mind. There have been many times something has happened and it’s had me stumped. In the past I’ve had a few dreams which have come true. Just lately I’ve been dreaming a lot about dad, mum thinks its his way of trying to communicate with me.
I’m intrigued about seeing the medium, she has come highly recommended from a close friend so I’m hoping it will bring me a little comfort.
Take care of yourself.

Hi Alliecal,
I have and I was astounded by the information which came through, Stan was with me at the time, he was very sceptical too. Bye the time the reading was over, he was a firm believer, Our son had a reading shortly after Stan had died and she passed on messages the details of which really surprised him.
Have a go,
MaryL x

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Hi @Alliecal,

I’m planning to arrange a visit to a medium that my late wife visited about 15 years ago if one of my friends can locate his contact details. At that session, he made a couple of comments to my wife which made me sit up and take notice when she played me a cassette tape recording of the session. I was certainly a sceptic before I heard that recording.

I would also suggest you go, keep an open mind, and make up your own mind based on what you hear.

I do happen to believe that some people are able to contact those who have passed on, but I also appreciate that not everyone has the same view, and that’s fine. I have no idea how it works, but there again there are a lot of things in this world whose workings I don’t understand!

With regard to my own situation, my wife passed suddenly in mid-July this year, and I sometimes wonder if those who have passed on also need time to adjust to their new environment or even, in some cases, if they are aware that they have passed on, particularly after a sudden death. I would see a medium tomorrow if I could, but for the reason just mentioned I’m not sure if I should wait some “suitable” length of time before arranging a session. I’ll probably just set a date and hope for the best.

Like @jonathan123, I would also be interested in hearing how you get on and hope you will be able to come back and provide us with some feedback, for better or worse.

Take care meantime.

Hi @Alston56,

I’ve always been a little intrigued by it. My mum went years ago when my grandad passed and has always spoken about it. She went again a few years ago when nan died, that was recorded and I recently came across the tape. There were a lot of things in that meeting that surprised me.
The thought has passed my mind, since dad passed so suddenly with no illness it may be too soon. But am willing to give it a try. Our session is this Friday so I will definitely report back to you with how it went.

Speak soon

I have attended the spiritualist church since my dad passed away 3 yrs ago . I’ve had 2 messages from him details of which the medium couldn’t have guessed . I always think keep an open mind with everything in life x


Hi. Janie. Welcome. I am so glad you have found some relief in your church. I am not a Spiritualist but I have met some lovely people who are. An open mind is all that’s asked. We tend to dismiss something we don’t understand too easily. It saves us having to think too deeply. I get a little fed up with folk who say ‘it’s all old tosh and rubbish’ when they have never experienced anything themselves and just talk about something they know nothing about.
Keep going, and keep that most valuable asset, an open mind.
Very best wíshes. John.


Hi all,
Just an update on our reading last night.

We arranged for the meeting to happen in mums house since it has strong ties to my dad.

The lady we met with uses Psycommetry, which involves holding an item belonging to the client or passed loved ones. So I brought a t-shirt of my dads, and my (paternal) grandads watch. Mum used a ring that was my step- nans.

At first, using the ring, we were getting messages that didn’t seem to ring any bells with us ( she kept saying the ring belonged to a man, we took this as possibly my step- grandad- her husband).

After no luck with the ring we moved on to my dads t-shirt.
She was able to tell me that:
*My dad passed suddenly and he wasnt ill- this is true
*He had pain in his head ( she kept coming back to this- though dad passed from a heart attack, he did used to complain of headaches)
*She could see a villa, and a man sat in front of a window in the villa with the sea behind him. A link to a holiday or somewhere abroad. ( dad moved to spain 5 years ago, in to a villa, where you could see the beach)

  • he has a link to a “nutty dog”- this is also true, she said he misses the dog and used to tell him more than he did any human- also true

While these things rang true, there were a few things that drew me away
*hes a father figure but definitely not your dad. ( she had met my stepdad when she arrived before he retired upstairs- I didn’t introduce him as stepdad or dad, just by name)

  • he is at peace - dad died just as the covid-19 took off, he died alone, he was cremated with no funeral and his ashes are still in spain with the partner he despised- I do not feel he would be at peace.
  • he was the type of person who showed you he loved you, though he didn’t say it he always showed it ( our relationship was strained and distant because he never showed it but always said it)

So, im very confused and conflicted, there were other things she mentioned that are too personal for me to mention here. The correct things were true but I felt were a bit generic. I’m glad i gave it a try, its definitely left me with more questions and I’m going over the recording to see if anything else comes up that i may have missed. I’m considering going to someone else at a later date to see if there are any consistencies or if I can receive anything else.

One thing I will add, she picked up on “someone had passed very recently” after our reading she asked who had passed recently, I said it was my dad, she said it was very soon and that may be a reason why the messages were so “jumbled”

I would recommend as I know every one and every situation is different.

Take care all

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My mum suddenly passed in November last year. I attended a spiritualist church with a family member 3 weeks after she passed & I was absolutely astounded by what he told me. He selected me from the audience, telling me he had a lady with him who was my mum.
He described my mum down to her tinted glasses, he told me how she died, he told me what funeral directors I was using & I’d only booked her funeral 2 days before. He also told me that she’d left me 6 white envelopes, which she did.
The thing that was bothering me the most was I was struggling on her entrance song for her funeral & I kept asking her what song she wanted, no-one knew that. All of a sudden he told me ‘She’s giving me the song from ghost, unchained melody by the righteous brothers’ :open_mouth::open_mouth: If I wasn’t sitting down I would have fallen over & everyone was astounded at his accuracy.
He told me things that had happened since my mum passed & confirmed that yes it was my mum, trying to let me know she’s around me. It was a great comfort to me & I have had a few strange occurrences, as has my sister. I just smile & say out loud, ‘Hi mum, love you’ & I tell her how much I miss her.
I still cry daily for her, my nan who passed just 15 months before mum & my auntie who passed away 5 months after mum. Losing 3 of the most influential women in my life has hit hard.
My mum & auntie both said they could see my nan, literally a few hours before they passed. I believe my nan couldn’t watch her daughters suffer, so she came to take them home.

Hi @Leelee75,

Wow! You made the hairs on my arms stand up with that message. To be picked out in a church of people must have been incredible.
Since having my reading I’ve had a few things happen around the house that are dad related. My mum has been having the same thing happen at her house too.

Its comforting to think both your mum, and i belive my dad too, had their parents there for them when they passed. I do believe they are always around us. I lost my nan 17 years ago. Though I grieved for her, I never really felt like she left me. I still smell her at times, i talk to her all the time and i know she hears me. I feel she brought my dad to me at my reading.

I’ve just passed the 6 month mark since losing dad, every day seems harder than the last and I feel I’m worse now than when he first passed. The grief is overwhelming.

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A few weeks after my partner Ed passed away i booked a phone reading with a medium . He was very good and the things he told me about Ed were amazing ! He knew what he’d passed with and talked about so many things we’d done in our life together also said he was still around me and would help me deal with difficult things in my life . I go to a spiritualist church but not since lockdown and the help and comfort i’ve recieved there is lovely . I do believe that our loved ones are still around us and that when it’s out turn to go they will be waiting for us .It’s that thought that keeps me going peace and love to everyone on this site x

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