Mum died and feel lonely

My mum died last august in a hospice prior to that she suffered a year of cancer. I don’t have any siblings or a dad so finding it so difficult- is it normal to feel so lonely. I feel totally lost she was my saviour in life. Totally honest with me good or bad. Will I ever get that again in my life :heart:


Its normal to feel lonely even when you have siblings and another parent, sometimes grief isnt shared between everyone. The loneliness will subside, with time.

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My mum died also, she was my rock, and my best friend. We did alot together. I have 5 siblings. I feel so lonely without her as she was the only person i truely connected with. Even with siblings, you could feel the same way. Its so important to seperate that lonliness for what it truely is. Grief. You can go out and find people. And feel a sense of community and friendship. That lonliness may go away. But it is a lonliness from grief and not a lonliness for your furture.
Things will get better and easier. Joins groups. Talk to people. Find people. It will get easier. I hope i helped. Feeling your worry and pain.


Grief is horrendous and something I’ve never experienced before. It’s the feeling of being lost if that makes sense. Everyday life carries on :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

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I was an only child. losing loving parents is so hard. :heartpulse:


grief is difficult, and like you I lost my mum last december and lost my dad over 18 years ago, so losing mum was really hard for me as was her full time carer since dad had died. my mum meant the world to me, despite having sisters i feel even more alone than ever.

ever since she died i feel lost and lonely, I have been distracting myslelf like doing yoga, mediatation and even counseling. i still feel the same but i try to take it one day at a time.

its not an easy journey with grief but i know things will get easier just take it a day at a time.


@mia4 I hear you and resonate with everything you have said x

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Feeling lonely is totally normal. I lost my mum 4 months ago. My father passed away when I was a child. I have a brother but he is an alcoholic and is heading in the wrong path. I have tried to build a relationship with him since mums passing but the alcohol is too powerful and I’ve given up to protect my own mental health.

I too feel very lonely. It’s a strange feeling. I have started to meditate which seems to help me find peace. I talk to my parents every morning as if they were here, that helps in a way. I think I must be going crazy as sometimes I hear their voices in my head when I do that. Grief does some crazy things to the mind.

You may have friends around you who wonder why you are lonely when you have them but family is always different. Nothing can ever replace that.

We are all destined for the same road. You just have to think that you will see your mum again at some point. It is just her body that has left this earth but her spirit is all around you. Since my mum passed, I find myself starting to do things she liked to do …like planting things. Never had an interest on it before but now I have started to plant and garden which is odd. My point is…you are half of her so she is still with you always