Mum died at the weekend

My mum was admitted to hospital with a lesion a week before Christmas. Prior to this I called an ambulance to look at this lesion. They wanted to take her straight in but she promised I’d take her the following day which I did. She had a bad time in hospital with nurses doing her iv wrong and putting fluid in her lungs. In the last month they discovered she had picked up covid which she died from this last Saturday. I feel guilty for taking her to the hospital even though I knew it was full of covid patients. But only did what ambulance men told me. I miss my mum and can’t stop crying. Feel like a part of me has gone. Everything reminds me of her.

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Dear Jad, I am so so very sorry for your loss, I too lost my Mum on 12th Dec due to Covid, I was not allowed to see her and she passed away alone, You did your very best for her, please remember that and she will know that too. Take each day at a time and look after yourself, Hugs and Love Shelley

Thanks Shelley, I’m very sorry for your loss and hope you are dealing with it as best as possible. I feel incredibly guilty because I am the one who urged her to go to hospital after paramedics told her to go. The NHS is open means they will be extra cautious given her age. She picked it up and a week later she’s gone. I can’t make sense of it.

Dear Jad
You did the best you could for her, my mum caught it in hospital also. We want the best for our mums and can’t help what happens in hospital. Try not to beat yourself up over it. She’s watching over you and would be hurting at your pain.
God bless xx

Don’t know why Boris is putting lives at danger by saying nhs is open. We tried to visit at the end but even the consultant advised against it. Did video calls to her and could see her getting worse. Just miss her so much and it hasn’t been a week yet.

It’s all very fresh Jad and you need time. I have signed up for counselling to help me through. These times are so very difficult for the bereaved. Please keep going, for her. I know it’s very hard and everything seems crap.
Take care

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Hi folks
I’m so sorry for your losses.
My mum died on 10th January in very similar circumstances. She fell and went to hospital where they botched her x-ray, said she had no fracture and sent her to rehab. They discovered she DID have a fracture so she had to go back to hospital for a hip replacement. While there she caught covid and a week later she died.
It seems so unfair and shocking, doesn’t it.
Then on 17th January my grandad died.
I have moments when I think I’m OK and then it hits me again.
Losing your mum is such a huge thing isn’t it? They can play such a huge role in our lives…

Hi, I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s horrible how we take mums for granted and just assume they will be there for a long time. I’d been taking care of my mum prior to this as she was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago which she beat and was only discharged summer 2020. It feels like a kick in the face that she went anyway regardless of the traumatic surgeries she had with cancer. Yet a trip to a and e pretty much finished her. I still can’t make sense of it.